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We’re your company’s health experts

We take on the commitment of promoting healthy companies and want to help you through streamlined and efficient management on all levels. We’re a company with a vocation to service which is managed based on ongoing improvement, respect for the law and ethical principles, research and innovation in healthcare and prevention, as well as personal treatment of each one of our companies.


We’re right there with you

You have a state-of-the-art healthcare centre to care for your workers. We have an extensive care network comprised of healthcare centres, hospitals, ophthalmology, rehabilitation and prevention offices, all dedicated to caring for occupational accidents and occupational diseases and managing temporary disability claims following common illnesses.


We have the best technology at your service

We want to make things easy for you and communicate with you in an interactive, transparent and open way. We’re improving your experience with us by digitizing our platforms and processes, and we’re ready for anything you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Which economic benefits do we cover?

Our cover includes management of occupational accident and occupational disease contingencies as well as temporary disability benefits for common contingencies. We guarantee comprehensive care for your workers from first aid and emergency care to surgery and rehabilitation until they have fully recovered.

We specialize in managing medical leaves

We have a specific protocol of action for professional and common contingencies, based on our extensive experience.

Leaves for professional contingencies (occupational accidents and occupational diseases)

As soon as a worker is involved in an incident, they may go to their healthcare centre. The staff there will offer complete healthcare management with diagnostics, a medical leave when necessary, healthcare assistance, rehabilitation and patient monitoring until the worker is fit to work again and, therefore, receives medical discharge.

At Asepeyo, we cover all the costs of the healthcare services needed to cure patients (hospitalization, surgery…) with our own resources or contracted resources in addition to covering pharmaceutical and travel expenses. In the event of an emergency, we also cover expenses deriving from care at centres not operated by the mutual insurance company. So, there’s no cost for the company or the worker.

Leaves for common contingencies (common illness and non-occupational accidents)

The economic benefit for temporary disability due to common contingencies and medical monitoring are the covers received by workers who are on leave for common illnesses or non-occupational accidents.

We offer an immediate healthcare contact because the minute we gain knowledge of a leave, a healthcare professional contacts the worker to conduct a first assessment of the case. Then a set of actions are planned in order to streamline the worker’s recovery process which may include check-ups at our healthcare centres, testing, consultations with specialists, etc.

We are occupational risk prevention specialists

The prevention activities established in the prevention activity plan which are carried out and charged against Social Security contributions for occupational accidents and diseases are aimed at preventing accidents, offering information and advice, training to update knowledge, research, development and innovation.

Find out more about our risk prevention services.

Other benefits

Care for minors with cancer or serious diseases

All workers who reduce their working hours by more than 50% to care for a minor with cancer or another serious disease have the right to this benefit for 100% of the regulatory monthly salary base of the % of the hours reduced.

For more information on this benefit, go to our FAQ.

Allowance for risks during pregnancy and when breastfeeding

In both cases, we guarantee you an allowance of 100% of the regulatory monthly salary base as soon as the benefit is approved and your employment contract is suspended.

For more information on these benefits, go to our FAQ.

Special benefits

We offer economic aid, services and care for workers who have been involved in an accident or their family members, when in certain situations of need, in order to minimize the possible situations requiring special aid.

As a result of this activity, during 2017 the Commission attended 5,885 requests for aid, which were allocated 13,060,000 euros, which represents an increase of 2.27%.

For more information on this aid and the assistance we provide through our Special Benefits Committeecheck out this link.

24 hour healthcare

You count on us whenever you need us. Permanently on-call professionals are available through an extensive network of contracted services. In the event of an accident, call us and we’ll tell you which centre is closest to you.

900 151 000

Absenteeism management

We can help you manage absenteeism through effective monitoring of economic benefits, healthcare and prevention activities.

We approach this commitment from a corporate social responsibility perspective by promoting health and implementing a culture of prevention. Based on this analysis, we propose integrated management that combines healthcare, management, prevention and organizational aspects.

To find out more details on our absenteeism management model, check ‘We manage things with you

App ‘Asepeyo empresas’

We have developed for you the App Asepeyo Companies.

It’s the first in the sector exclusively aimed at companies. All relevant information needed to manage health at your company is available through a single control panel.

With Asepeyo Companies, you can do these things and more:

  • Access the number of cases pending registration in real time
  • Send assistance reports using your mobile phone
  • Request first aid kits
  • Search for a healthcare centre via geolocation
  • Request reports
  • Directly contact your Asepeyo advisor for any clarifications or procedures
  • Check your absenteeism indicators and incidents and comparisons with companies registered in the same activity and size

The system also has other services such as the possibility of checking absenteeism indicators.

Which healthcare centre is nearest you?

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